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Robert pointing out aspects of the passive PV solar tracker unit to Rep. Fortenberry

Robert is discussing the emissions of biodiesel outside the bio-generator shed with rep. Fortenberry
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On-farm Solar Energy Systems

The Energy Farm has added 500watts of PV solar this year mounted on a passive solar tracker. This has shown itself to be a tremendous boost to maintaining summer battery levels during the low wind period. I suddenly realized how productive windless, sunny days could be!

The tracker system was supplied by SWT Energy from Lincoln and went together well. I got the high wind shocks too for it. It uses the phase change of a gas/liquid between sealed tanks on either end of the axis. Sun heats one side, send gas to the other side which goes to liquid and tips the tracker as it accumulates. It 'resets' in the morning when it 'wakes up' to the morning sun in the east. Great system and adjunct to the battery bank, the beauty of solar is that they just sit there, no noise, nothing moving, just making electricity in the sun...

Just recently, the Energy Farm has new products available - solar cookers! Pictures and information coming soon.

Photos from the March 29, 2008 PV solar installation workshop:

Photos of the Energy Farm's new solar tracker:

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